I am a photographer with a dance and choreographic background. I was born in Chile to Spanish/Italian parents, and migrated to Australia in 1977. After working and studying in Europe for 12 years, I returned to Melbourne in 2012 and undertook formal photography studies at CATC Design School (now Torrens University Australia), completing the Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2014 and specialising in portraiture and the performing arts.

I come from a large family of strong women who have had a deep impact on my life. These women have manifested in my creative work as archetypal entities of light and shade, hopes and fears, desires and aspirations, giving me a rich cultural and social legacy as well as a passion for understanding the spectrum of humanity. This has been the underlying fabric of my artistic practice, driving me to capture the different seasons of our lives and what is encrypted in the human landscape.

Since graduating, I have continued to have a direct association with and immersion in live theatre and performance. In 2014 I began a series of images centred on the experience of women growing older, which manifested in the exhibition Women On The Verge of a New Decade. Over time, this has continued and expanded to include indigenous women and women in the performing arts.

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